We help you adopt new ways of working to create a Modern Organisation

Employee behaviour has changed but many organisations have failed to change at the same rate. Our expert team help you understand and adapt to new ways of working to create a Modern Organisation that is relevant for the Modern World of Work.

Our Areas of Expertise

Workplace Technology

We are experts in all the latest workplace technology, helping choose and implement the right solutions for you to make your employees are as engaged and productive as possible

Internal Comms

Your employees can only excel if they know what is expected of them and what they are working for. We are experts at crafting internal comms that will engage and inspire your workforce

Process Change

With a wealth of experience in helping businesses of all sizes, sectors and maturity develop new ways of working we know what options will work best for you moving forward

Our Services

Inform, Investigate & Improve

Inform: Training on the New World of Work

Keeping up to date with the latest trends is hard when you have your day job to deal with. Our team make it their job to understand the latest developments in workplace and employee trends, coupled with years of practical experience working with businesses all over the world. We offer a range of 1-day training services based at your offices that inform your business about these latest trends, so you are empowered with the right information to make the best decisions moving forward.

Understand the Modern Workforce

1-day course

Do you understand your new employees who are entering the business? Do you know what makes them tick? What engages them? How to motivate them? This course tells you all you need to know about a Modern Workforce

Blueprint of a Modern Organisation

1-day course

What does a Modern Organisation look like? Does every office need to look like Google? This course shares the latest trends, technology and ways of working, coupled with practical advice, enabling you to create a Modern Organisation

Leading in the New World of Work

1-day course

With a new way of working comes a new way to lead. This is a practical course full of information on the latest employee behaviours and workplace trends, with exercises to help you hone the new skills required to lead a Modern Workforce

Investigate: Understand your Employee Experience

From their first interaction before applying through to them leaving, every employee goes on a journey within a business. The experience they have on their employment journey will impact how engaged, motivated and loyal they are. And with a new type of employee wanting to work for a new type of organisation, many businesses are becoming increasingly disconnected from the needs of a Modern Workforce.

We help you bridge this disconnect, by empowering you with information of what parts of your employee experience is working, and what parts are not. We do this via a review of the key stages of your employee journey, which can focus on one particular area you need support with or can encompass the entire journey. We then give you a range of options from quick wins to long-term solutions that will provide your business with an employee experience that will transform your business.

Improve: Create lasting Internal Change

Once you have a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your business, you then need a proven and structured approach in order to enable change and improve. We have developed a strategic approach that uses employee journeys to breakdown every key milestone your employees will face during their career with you. We work with you to define what the ideal employee experience should be at each stage and then help you implement new ways of working to realise it (see video below). Our aim is not to replace your existing teams, but work alongside them to educate and empower them and ensure they take the business to the next level and keep it relevant for the Modern World of work.

Modernise your business today

Our aim is to educate and empower your existing teams to ensure they can take the business to the next level and keep it relevant for the Modern World of work.

Gravitee is an Internal Change Consultancy that helps businesses adopt new ways of working so they remain relevant to the Modern World of Work


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