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A new type of employee wants to work for a new type of organisation. Are you ready for them?

Times have changed. Businesses know that. This is why they have invested so many resources in changing their businesses to adapt to the changing needs of their consumers. Sadly, few have done the same for their employees. This has resulted in a growing disconnect between how employees are currently working vs how they want and can work, which is leading to low employee engagement, low productivity, high staff turnover and high absenteeism, which is significantly impacting how successful and profitable businesses can be.

Gravitee is an Employee Engagement Consultancy that enable businesses to overcome this employer vs employee disconnect by helping them understand changes in modern employee behaviour, coupled with a proven 4 step approach and a range of tools and services that enable businesses to effectively adapt their ways of working to Attract, Engage and Retain a Modern Workforce and stay relevant in the changing world of work.

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change for the better

We are a fast growing business and needed to attract a lot of young, bright talent quickly, in order to meet growing business demand. Adam helped me define my business culture and we worked together on the employee experience to ensure it made my business an attractive place not only to join, but to stay. Within just a few weeks the change was amazing and I also received some 1:1 coaching that helped increase my confidence to take my business to the next level

Stuart, MD of a recruitment company

Being the HR lead of an innovative biotech company I had the challenge of managing a talented modern employee base who wanted to work one way vs a leadership team who wanted to work in very different and more traditional ways, which was causing us to lose employees and impact the business. Adam and his team worked with me to identify the core issues and design a plan to change our ways of working that has dramatically improved our business performance

Susan, HR Director of a Biotech company

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