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of a Modern Workforce

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Are you finding it difficult to Attract, Engage and Retain a Modern Workforce?

We are a team of experts who understand the latest trends and behaviours of the Modern Employees and the changing world of work. We use this expertise to help businesses create an Employee Experience that will enable them to Attract, Engage and Retain a Modern Workforce and as a result, thrive in the Modern World of Work.

We do this through Employee Journeys, as every employee, from their first interaction before applying, through to them leaving, goes on a journey within a business. The experience employees have on this journey will impact how engaged, motivated and loyal they are, and in turn how successful you are as a business.

The Employee Journey
Our Expertise

Our expert team support your HR, Operations and Leadership teams adapt to the needs of a Modern Workforce by developing an Employee Experience that creates engaged, loyal, motivated employees and as a result, a high-performing, modern organisation.

We achieve this through a combination of:

Workplace Technology

We are experts in all the latest workplace technology, helping choose and implement the right solutions for you to make your employees are as engaged and productive as possible

Internal Comms

Your employees can only excel if they know what is expected of them and what they are working for. We are experts at crafting internal comms that will engage and inspire your workforce

Process Change

With a wealth of experience in helping businesses of all sizes, sectors and maturity develop new ways of working, we know what HR and Operational processes will work best for you moving forward

A great Employee Experience creates Engaged, Loyal, Motivated Employees. Which results in a…


reduction in staff turnover


reduction in absenteeism


increase in profitability


increase in sales


increase in productivty


increase in customer satisfaction

We are a team with decades of combined experience working in the biggest companies, agencies and technology startups, successfully delivering new ways to attract, engage and retain increasingly complex and diverse modern consumers and employees.

We setup Gravitee as we noticed that even though most businesses are quite good at adapting to the needs of a modern consumer, very few are doing the same for the modern employee. This is creating a disconnect between the current workplace and the growing number of employees who want to work in new ways.  The result is a mass exodus of talent moving either to other businesses who are already embracing new ways of working or choosing to work for themselves as the gig economy takes hold. We believe that everyone should feel happy and engaged at work, as it provides a win:win for both employees and employers alike, which is why we are passionate about helping businesses adopt new ways of working and create Employee Experiences that will ensure they can thrive in the Modern World of Work.

Who we work with

We work with many great companies across a number of sectors and countries, helping them implement great Employee Experiences to ensure they gain a competitive advantage in the Modern World of Work