We believe Businesses should reflect the way the world is, not the way the world was. Do you?

We are Internal Change Experts that help businesses change their ways of working to create an organisation where Modern Employees not only want to work, but want to stay.

Our name took inspiration from the force of Gravity, which is a powerful yet invisible force that attracts everything towards it. Here at Gravitee. we believe that if you understand the changing needs of a Modern Workforce, you can then create a Modern Workplace and adopt a Modern Leadership style to ensure your organisation suceeds in the Modern World of Work.

have the right technology, internal communications and processes working in harmony with each other, they too become invisible forces that combine to create an Employee Experience that attracts the very best people and keeps them there. The result is a Modern Organisation that can Attract, Engage and Retain the very best talent, and as a result gain a competitive edge over others.

What we do
We are experts in Workplace Technology, Internal Communications and Process Improvement. Our expert team support your HR, Operations, Internal comms and Leadership teams in the following ways:

Understand your Employee Experience

Every employee has a distinct employment experience that impacts how engaged, motivated and loyal they are. We review your current employee journey to see where you could improve

Training on the New World of Work

We train your teams on the latest trends in the changing nature of employees, workplaces and leadership so you have the skills and knowledges at your fingertips to build a Modern Organisation

Create a great Employee Experience

We help you navigate the complex and fast changing world of work to select and implement the right technology, comms and processes to ensure your business has a great Employee Experience

An Expert Team
We practice what we preach here at Gravitee, which is why we operate with a distributed team of experts throughout the UK. We believe the best talent can be based anywhere and we should not be restricted by the location of our main office, so actively source the best people to ensure we consistently deliver the best work, whilst also having a team who themselves adopt and embrace new ways of working. Below is just a small example of some of the team who work together to help businesses create great Employee Experiences.


Adam has a wealth of experience helping businesses change and adapt to the New world of Work. He is also a respected speaker & writer on the Modern Workforce, a TED speaker and Millennial employee expert



Sophie is a former HR Director specialising in Learning & Development, Organisational Development, Culture and Coaching. She is a believer in people being a company’s biggest asset and helps businesses realise this



Sue has spent most of her career at as COO at one of London’s best advertising agencies, before becoming the CMO of AXA. She is an expert in leadership, operations and successfully navigating internal change.

Our Partners
Working in collaboration with the Best
We believe every business should play to their strengths in order to create the best outcomes. This is why we focus on the strategic aspects of internal change and then bring in the appropriate external expertise when required. Over the years we have found a number of external companies and individuals who are the very best at what they do, who we can introduce to all of our customers as required. If you would like to partner with us, please get in contact.

Tech Vendors

We have good relationships with a number of diverse technology companies, but we always have an eye on the market to ensure we give the best technology recommendations
One of the key benefits of creating a Modern Organisation is that more people want to work for you. We have connections with a range of recruiters who embrace new ways of working who can help you
Comms Agencies
Communicating with your team is vital in having an engaged, motivated and productive team. We help you determine your comms approach but have a range of partners to help with delivery
Gravitee is an Internal Change Consultancy that helps businesses understand the Modern World of Work and use this to create a great Employee Experience that enables them to Attract, Engage and Retain the best modern talent.
Our Expertise
Workplace Technology

Internal Communication

Process Improvement

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Our Services
Investigate: Understand your current Employee Experience

Inform: Training on the Modern World of Work 

Implement: Create a great Employee Experience

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