The Modern Employee

There is a new type of employee emerging in the workplace that organisations need to understand and adapt to in order to remain relevant and stay competitive

Values Alignment

Want a job that aligns with their values and stands for something meaningful

Money is important but not a motivator

Although salary is important, pay rises should not be at the expense of values, culture, purpose and work-life balance

Culture is key

Company culture is one of the top reasons why modern employees choose to work at an organisation and even more important reason why they stay

Job security not as important

66% of modern employees expect to move companies by 2020 and the rise of the gig economy shows there is a shift to more irregular working patterns 

Flexible Working

Want the ability to work where and when they can be most productive

Personal Development is vital

Opportunities to progress reduce as organisations become flatter, yet personal development is essential to avoid stagnation

Demand regular feedback

With always on communication, modern employees expect regular feedback as opposed to just an annual review

Should be valued on output and not time

Old paradigms of promoting people based on the time they have served is no longer applicable as modern employees move jobs more & pace of change increases

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