The Modern Leader

With a new type of employee emerging in the workplace, coupled with the need to adopt new ways of working, it requires a new type of leader to engage and motivate them. Below are the key traits required by all modern leaders to successfully lead a modern workforce.

Communicates the purpose

Modern Leaders are clear on the purpose of the organisation and communicate it clearly and authentically as often as possible


We live in a world of instant communication, sharing and openness, which Modern Leaders must embrace to facilitate collaboration  

Flexible in their approach

Modern organisations are becoming more complex and the pace of change increasing. As such, one person cannot know or do it all, so must be flexible and able to adapt

Confident yet Selfless

The best leaders know they have to gain the respect of their followers. This requires them to be confident in their abilities, yet selfless in their commitment to the company purpose and employees

Live the company values

Values are important to Modern Employees and the best Modern Leaders live company values everyday and inspire others to do the same

Have a coaching style

Modern Leaders really see the value in developing their teams and spend time coaching them to reach their full potential

Focussed on people not just profits

Making a profit is vital for any business, but Modern Employees do not want to work for a business or leader that does not also consider the needs of people and the planet as they do profit

Emotionally Intelligent

People are the lifeblood of any business, so leaders must have a high level of Emotional Intelligence and be good listeners in order to quickly understand their team’s needs & react to them

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